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Four Versatile Vegetables to Add to Your Thanksgiving Plate This Year

This time of year is all about gathering and gratitude. And one of the things we’re most grateful for is the rich nutritional lifestyle that living at Lakehouse affords. From root vegetables to squashes, this season is the perfect time to reap the benefits of fresh seasonal fare. We looked to our incredible onsite Urban Farm for inspiration and curated a list of veggies to add to your holiday plate this year, and some ideas on how to cook them.

As fun as they are to carve, pumpkins are arguably even more enjoyable to cook. While it might feel silly to pick up a whole pumpkin as an ingredient, it’s actually a great squash to cook with — especially when plucked straight from the patch. Make full use of the pumpkin: roast the seeds, pickle the rinds and puree the rest. Incorporate it into chili, ravioli or baked goods — the possibilities are endless.

One of our favorite vegetables on the planting list, beets have an earthy flavor and brilliant color profile. Prepare a beet roast as a Thanksgiving side dish, or serve glazed beets for dessert. It’s a divine color to add to your palette and a unique flavor to have on your palate. 

Butternut Squash
The sweet and nutty notes of butternut squash make it a favorite vegetable for autumn and winter dishes—even the name sounds delectable. Once you select your squash from the market, you can simply dice and roast it, incorporate it into a spicy turkey stuffing, or reduce it down into a hearty soup, perfect for the chilly season.

Another staple produce entry, carrots are not just for wellness shots and salads—their subtly sweet taste and versatility are truly amazing. You may roast up a bunch with honey, garlic and butter for a delicious no-frills side dish, or you could add them sliced and diced to a casserole. Shred any leftover carrots from the bunch and add them to baked goods or juice them for your very own wellness shots.

We at Lakehouse wish you and your loved ones health, happiness and nourishment this holiday season. Here’s to your wellness — today, tomorrow and always.