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5 Unexpected Details That Foster Better Living at Lakehouse

At Lakehouse, wellness and comfort are at the forefront of each design element, architectural choice and onsite amenity. We’ve included everything you’d want out of a modern residential building—and then some. Below, learn about some of Lakehouse’s most thoughtful, unexpected details that help our residents live better, every day.

1. Designed for Daily Fitness 

Being active doesn’t necessarily mean blocking off time to go to the gym every day—although, for those who enjoy a structured fitness routine, Lakehouse has a well-equipped fitness lab and yoga and meditation studio. An active lifestyle can be achieved through small choices made throughout the day, and at Lakehouse, we’ve made many of those choices easier. For example, our inviting grand staircase in the lobby encourages residents to take the stairs over the elevator; a fleet of beach cruisers can be checked out for rides around Sloan’s Lake Park or throughout the city; and our inviting 70-foot lakefront pool is just as great for floating as it is for swimming laps.


2. Solar & Blackout Shades in Every Home

How do a simple set of window coverings provide comfort, function and wellness with just a push of a button or a pull of a cord? Solar shades help filter direct sunlight while keeping the warmth and brightness of an open window, without the harshness or glare—letting you better enjoy natural light during the day and even reduce energy costs. Whether your hours are more traditional or you need to bring a bit of nighttime quiet to daytime hours, blackout shades help you create the perfect setting to promote a restful, uninterrupted sleep.

3. An Onsite Urban Farm

Spearheaded by our dedicated Wellness Concierge and supported by Agriburbia, our urban farm is as beautiful as it is functional. We plant and harvest various fresh organic vegetables, flowers and herbs, which are available to all of our residents to enjoy. Residents are welcome to use our Harvest Room to wash and store produce picked from our urban farm (or a local farmers market or store). We’ve even got indoor and outdoor kitchens, plus a fresh juicing station for food prep and cooking. 


4. Curated Artwork Throughout

Loving where you live plays a big part in living well—and one aspect of that is as simple as enjoying what you’re seeing every day. To make Lakehouse look and feel beautiful, unique and welcoming, we enlisted the talents of the art curators and consultants at NINE dot ARTS. From the custom limestone sculpture in the lobby to the painted mural in our Creative Workshop, every piece of artwork was hand-selected to enhance Lakehouse’s soothing atmosphere and make residents feel more at home.

5. Art & Music Offerings

In addition to being able to enjoy art throughout the building, our residents are given unique opportunities to create art of their own. Our Creative Workshop is stocked with art materials like paint and brushes, canvases, clay and more. Plus, we also have a variety of musical instruments accessible to residents who prefer creating via a less tangible art form. All our creative resources aim to inspire artful endeavors and facilitate enhanced well-being and a connection with other residents.