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Behind the Scenes Look at Lakehouse Art

The relationship between art and architecture is one that has fascinated designers and artists for centuries. Humans have an instinctual desire to decorate spaces and give them meaning.

The WELL Building Standard states that the design of a physical space that aligns with an organization’s core cultural values can have a positive impact on the mood and morale of its employees. The same can be true of a residential community. The incorporation of beautiful elements into a space can help to promote joy, calm and a general sense of well-being for its occupants.

NAVA engaged with local art consultancy, NINE dot ARTS to program artwork throughout Lakehouse. The collaborative process began in early 2018 when the teams came together to discuss the overall concept for Lakehouse, suggested mediums and the most impactful locations for the artwork to exist. With iconic architecture inspired by the beauty of nature, it was decided that the onsite artwork would take on a similar biophilic motif.

The creative process spanned nearly a year as the team sought to commission several sculptures to be showcased throughout the property, as well as to select other pieces for key locations in the Lobby and Resident Lounge. A focus on local artists using natural materials emerged as a common theme.

We sat down with Hannah Penny, Associate Curator for NINE dot ARTS, to get the inside scoop on the process of curating the art collection at Lakehouse and what future residents will love about the final pieces chosen:

How would you describe the art collection at Lakehouse?
The artwork at Lakehouse is sophisticated, elegant, and inspired by nature. We were inspired by the location and felt it was important to highlight the lake and park that are just steps away from the building’s front door.

What aspects of Lakehouse’s design really helped to inspire the art that was chosen for the property?
We really wanted to bring the outdoors in. The art program focuses a lot on nature and water. We were inspired by all the glass, natural wood tones, and beautiful exterior patios. We selected five sculptures to be placed in the gardens, which are essential aspects of the project. It was important to us to link up with the goal to inspire healthy living, and with the exterior sculptures, we’re able to encourage residents to take a stroll and enjoy the outdoor space.

What sort of feeling or mood did you want to convey through the art at Lakehouse?
We wanted the art to convey moments of calm and relaxation. We selected artwork with blues and earth tones so that viewers could feel at ease, as opposed to using vibrant reds, yellows and oranges which are more energizing. We want the artwork to encourage residents to slow down, enjoy the nature in their neighborhood and inspire healthy living.

What is your personal favorite piece of art at Lakehouse and why?
My absolute favorite piece in the art collection is Coterie by Michael Clapper. This is our feature lobby sculpture and is the first thing you see when walking in the main entrance. It has a big yet quiet presence to it. The material itself is quite heavy, however, the color and design create a more lightweight feel.  It represents a strong sense of arrival in this very important part of the building and yet feels very welcoming.

What drew NINE dot ARTS to Denver and what do you love about the art community there?
NINE dot ARTS was founded in Denver in 2008. For nine years we’ve worked on numerous projects in Denver and have also expanded our portfolio nationally. We love working in our hometown because it has such a vibrant and welcoming art scene. The art community is unpretentious so there is a constant flux of new artists joining the scene.

NINE dot ARTS programmed the Creative Workshop at Lakehouse, which will offer residents a serene place to disconnect from the outside world, and commissioned a mural in the space with local artist Taylor Herzog. We will also play a role in the ongoing programming through the on-site Wellness Concierge, bringing more artists on-site for classes, arranging for trips to nearby galleries and more.

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To learn more about the connected and healthy Lakehouse lifestyle that awaits, stop by our temporary Sales Center at 1565 Raleigh Street, #108. We’re open Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm and by appointment. Don’t forget to register online to join our interest list and stay up to date with the latest project news, construction updates, events and neighborhood happenings –