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Is Urban Farming the Next Big Condo Trend?

LX Collection, a new platform showcasing the most prestigious luxury condominiums in the world, has spotlighted Lakehouse in a new and exciting trend story, “Is Urban Farming the Next Big Condo Trend?” The publication tapped Lakehouse resident Judy Weingarten for her insights into the 3,000-square-foot urban farm: “I love looking out my window at the garden, contemplating what vegetable I am going to have with my dinner tonight,” she shared.

The extensive article accentuates Lakehouse’s ahead-of-the-curve approach, highlighting how the community turned over 1,600 pounds of produce in 2020 alone: “That’s enough to provide almost four Americans with their vegetable quota for the entire year.” Outdoor space — and particularly outdoor space that enhances one’s sense of well-being — has become an incredibly hot commodity over the last year, and we’re honored to be able to provide our residents with the best of both at Lakehouse.

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