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Neighborhood Spotlight: Planted

Houseplants do much more than add a pop of color to your décor, they can also extend a number of health benefits into your home. From air purification and removing indoor pollutants to even improving one’s mood, adorning your home with plants and flowers is an easy way to improve the environment . That’s why this week, we’re spotlighting our neighbor, Planted.

Located just a few blocks from Lakehouse Denver, Planted is an eco-friendly plant shop that has been rooted in Sloan’s Lake since 2013, and has transformed its small, four-walled shop into an experience that’s hard to find anywhere else. With raw woodgrain interiors contrasted with leafy greens and plump succulents that bring life to the entire space, it’s nearly impossible to leave empty handed.

According to Bustle, “A recent study found that people with more exposure to “green space” tend to have better overall health, and that being in nature also reduced the risk of certain health issues, like type II diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Unsurprisingly, bringing the green inside your home — in the form of houseplants, potted succulents, or colorful flowers — can also promote your health and overall wellness.”

Biophilia – or the human connection to nature – is even part of the WELL Building Standard’s wellness element of Mind. Lakehouse has been designed to promote biophilia throughout. From floor-to-ceiling windows that enhance the beautiful views to the outdoor terrace’s extensive landscaping, gardens and urban farm, residents will have plenty of opportunities to connect with and enjoy the natural setting of Sloan’s Lake Park.

We sat down with Luke Huss, the owner of Planted, to learn more about the health benefits to having plants and how future Lakehouse residents can incorporate them into their homes:

What drew you to the Sloan’s Lake community that made you decide to open Planted?
Being a Colorado native and growing up in the foothills, I’ve always been drawn to our beautiful mountains and being close to them. Being on the west side of town provides a city lifestyle with a quick escape to the mountains. I was biking around the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood about five and half years ago and saw the space that I envisioned having my first business and plant shop! After contacting the landlord and seeing the space, I made the dream a reality and opened Planted in November of 2013. As a full- service eco-friendly plant shop, we also have a wood shop that we use to create art and products that mostly compliment the plants like plant stands, shelving and planters, but all using reclaimed wood that gets repurposed into a new life. It keeps us all Living Green!

 What are some benefits to having plants in the home?
A lot of people want plants for aesthetics, but not only are they aesthetically pleasing but actually beneficial to your work and living space.  The photosynthesis process in all plants converts carbon dioxide we breath into fresh oxygen, a must in our world. All plants remove toxins and volatile compounds at different levels depending on size and species. They also all differ from the amount of ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, trichloroethylene and styrene they absorb, so it’s good to have different species of plants throughout the space to increase natural indoor air purification.

What are some of the best low-maintenance plants?
Sansevierias, ZZ plants, Pothos, Monsteras, Philodendrons and Dracaenas are great for tolerating lower-medium light levels. Anything succulent and drought-tolerant like all cacti, Alöe, Haworthias, Echeverias, Crassulas, Pachypodiums, Euphorbias are very low-maintenance if you have the sunlight to provide for them.

What plants would be best for Lakehouse residents to have on their deck or patio?
Depending on the exposure of the deck or patio, Cacti and succulents are great candidates, as well as Ficus trees, Hibiscus and Scheffleras.  Most plants offered at Planted can be a patio friend from spring into fall. I’d say about half of the plants in my collection live their life outside for more than six months of the year.

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