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Self-Care: 5 Easy Ways to Show Yourself Love This Month

February is a month filled to the brim with love and sentiment, and the most important and deserving recipients of all that love is—you. Here are some easy ways to show yourself some love this month.


Take yourself on a movie date

Solo movie dates are a perfect way to relax and prioritize yourself—no distractions, expectations or accommodations to worry over. You choose the film, and the snacks are all yours. Head over next door to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, pick whatever’s been piquing your interest lately and kick back with a craft beer brew as the lights go down.


Try out a new recipe

Finally tackling all those mouthwatering new recipes you’ve probably saved on your phone is another beloved self-care activity. Home-cooked meals can not only be tailored to your exact palette, but are often also healthier than restaurant fare as well—not to mention the sense of accomplishment, which makes all the flavors a little sweeter. And once you’ve conquered new ways of braising beef and baking fish, it becomes a fairly addictive hobby. Every home at Lakehouse is equipped with professional-style KitchenAid stainless steel appliances (or Wolf, Sub-Zero & Asko stainless steel appliances in the penthouses), making it even easier to channel your inner gourmand.


Rejuvenate your body

Give your body a reset with a trip to Lakehouse’s Wellness Center. Break a sweat in our Fitness Lab, calm your mind in the meditation studio, relieve your stress in the dry sauna and nourish your body afterwards with a nutrient-rich drink from the indoor-outdoor kitchen’s juicing station. 


Pamper your skin 

Enjoy a spa day without leaving home. Run a bath with your favorite salts, exfoliate with a rich body scrub, restore your skin with a face mask and diffuse aromatic essential oils in the air. With the glow of a candle and your favorite music playing, it’ll be a body and soul treatment right in the comfort of your own home.


Let your creativity flow

Art is the language of the soul. Head down to Lakehouse’s Creative Workshop to craft, paint, draw and create. With a multitude of art materials, supplies and instruments, the sky’s the limit for self expression. Pouring your heart out on a canvas can be deeply therapeutic, so tap into your inner artist and show them some love.