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Summer WELL Series Events at Lakehouse

Lakehouse is celebrating summer with an exciting new crop of inspiring WELL Series events. Held right here at Lakehouse, each of these wellness-focused workshops is designed to give residents hands-on experiences and exclusive access to local experts in wellness, fitness, green living, home design and more. Explore what’s on this season’s agenda below and get ready for a great summer at Lakehouse.

To reserve a place in any of the events below, residents can contact Lakehouse Wellness Concierge Anna Stahl at or call the Lakehouse front desk at 720.647.4200.


How to Create a Confident and Comfortable Home

Home Organization with Keli & Co.

Tuesday, June 29th | 6PM

Led by Keli Jackel, owner of Denver-based Organized by Keli & Co., this workshop will help residents learn “How to Create a Confident and Comfortable Home” by balancing the flow of new and old material goods. Keli will share tips on unpacking, decluttering and much more. Located in the Resident Lounge, appetizers and Aperol Spritz aperitifs will be served. 


Easy, DIY Summer Flower Designs

Saturday, July 10 | 10:30AM- 12PM

Spend a sunny Saturday morning crafting farm fresh arrangements alongside local florist, Sarah Tedford, owner of Ladybird Poppy in Denver. Sarah will be onsite in Lakehouse’s Creative Workshop and Community Kitchen ready to share tips and tricks for top-notch DIY at-home arrangements. This workshop will be held just in time for residents to utilize the Urban Farm’s seasonal cut flowers and arrange them for their individual enjoyment. Brunch will be served alongside mimosas—and bright locally sourced flowers, of course.


How to Live a Sustainable and Attainable Eco-conscious Lifestyle

Green Living Tips with Kara Armstrong of The Conscious Merchant 

Wednesday, July 14 | 6PM

Guided by Kara Armstrong, founder of Denver’s premier sustainability-minded retailer, The Conscious Merchant, this educational session will share small, actionable, everyday changes that can help residents “live green.” An easy way to start? Choose to refill—not just repurchase—empty product bottles. This event will take place in the Resident Lounge or Lakehouse lobby, and Kara will bring along a special pop-up Refill Shop for residents to engage with. 


Mindful Landscape Design with Lakehouse Design Team and Agriburbia 

Thursday, July 22 | 6PM

Engage with all five senses during an early evening walk through Lakehouse’s Urban Farm and 26,000-square-foot outdoor terrace while enjoying an insightful discussion with Lakehouse’s original landscape architect, Suzanne Serna, building developer, Brian Levitt, our urban landscape maintenance leads from Skyscape Gardens, Noah Bernstein and Brian Dillon, and the Agriburbia farm leads, Quint and Jenny Redmond. Plus, Lakehouse’s Wellness Concierge Anna Stahl will create a take-home educational resource with information about the connection between mindful landscape design at Lakehouse and its influence on individual and community health and well-being. 


Reach for Your Health: The Benefits of Stretching

StretchLab LoHi Assisted Personal Stretches

Wednesday, August 4 | 6:30PM

Stretching is a truly amazing form of physical activity. In this evening event at the Lakehouse Wellness Center, seasoned flexologists will lead residents in personalized one-on-one, 15-minute stretching sessions in which residents can share the particulars of their body’s tensions and/or ailments. A daily stretching routine tailored to your body’s needs will impact flexibility, musculoskeletal health and can reduce stress, anxiety, and physical tension all while increasing mindfulness, deep breathing and creating space for more ease in regular movement. Wellness Concierge Anna Stahl will share a take-home educational resource with further information regarding the Fitness Spectrum and the misconceptions about progression and expectation of exercise in one’s life. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, this session is made for you. 


Customized Health-Based Lighting Design 

September 2021 (days and times TBD)

At Lakehouse, light is a key element of wellness and the everyday experience. Whether it’s the daylight-capturing floor-to-ceiling windows in our common areas and residences or blackout shades in our bedrooms, our daily rhythms are directly impacted by our exposure to sunlight. In this session, Chris Armenta and his team at Harrison Home Systems introduce residents to Ketra, the newly installed health and wellness lighting package in the Lakehouse Guest Suite. In addition to giving residents an in-depth and interactive demonstration, Chris and his team will also share information on how these new home systems can be of value to buildings and all those who live within. 

Interested in learning more about life at Lakehouse? We’d love to host you for a private or small group tour of our brand-new model residences. Contact the Lakehouse team at We look forward to seeing you soon.