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Ask Anna: How to Live Your Best (Summer) Life

As you grow to understand how wellness facets work together confluently, you begin to make conscious choices that align with your holistic health goals. Your mood, emotions and attitude impact your nutrition and activity choices. With that, the food you choose to nourish your body with and the exercise you decide to partake in all influence your energy levels and overall demeanor. Rest and relaxation also fall into this cycle; have you ever noticed how your day can change based on how well-rested you are from a solid night’s sleep or how you may feel more frazzled with too little sleep? We asked our dedicated Wellness Concierge, certified health coach Anna Stahl about how to better equip ourselves to balance health, well-being and unique individual needs to live a fantastic and spirited summer.

Running around Sloan's Lake

Plan “you” time. What can you do to recharge your batteries? Oftentimes, it is difficult to come by free time when you have a busy schedule, but make yourself a priority and allow moments of quiet in your day. This can come in the form of a solo zen session in Lakehouse’s meditation gardens or an idyllic jog around Sloan’s Lake. Create boundaries around this small amount of time and stay true to the reason why you need this time. It may be a quiet morning alone before the day begins, a workout class, a nature walk or a nightly meditation — finding the space to look inward is important to your mental and emotional health.

Neighborhood dining near the Lakehouse Denver

Connect with others. While it is necessary to find some peaceful time alone each day, there is also an emotional requirement within each of us to form a community. Socializing and connecting with others on an honest and deep level is inherent to our nature. Building relationships that allow for thoughtful conversation only benefits your overall well-being. It allows for you to learn, grow and empathize with others that live differently than you. Expand your viewpoints and be open to meeting others when the opportunities arise. Lakehouse has countless resident events that allow you to mingle at your pace and forge soul-satisfying connections.

Create a colorful plate. This is probably the easiest step on this list, considering that Lakehouse hosts a 3,000-square-foot urban farm fresh organic vegetables and herbs, professional farming supported by Agriburbia, a Harvest room to wash and store produce and both indoor and outdoor kitchens with community tables. Enjoy a variety of fresh and flavorful foods while you relish in summertime dining. Not only is the rainbow of color beautiful in presentation, but the more vibrant and rich the fruits and vegetables, the more nourishing they are. For your health, look for local produce, either from your own backyard or the closest farmer’s market. Choosing to eat as clean as possible gives your body the strength and energy it needs to enjoy the sunny days of summer! Find new recipes and try different types of foods that you can share with friends. Make eating healthy a fun experience! Also, remember to stay hydrated in the heat of the season.

Adequate sleep. There are countless benefits to getting enough rest. Listening to your body, reducing the amount of caffeine used to “keep going,” and following a natural circadian rhythm will help balance you out physically, mentally and emotionally. When you regularly get a full night’s sleep, you tend to find more equilibrium in your day, so take advantage of Lakehouse’s blackout shades that aid a restful sleep. Increased productivity, a better mood, weight maintenance, preventative chronic disease and immune boosting measures are all benefits of your 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Catch your zzzz’s.

Flavorful Fitness. While the sun shines, try new forms of exercise and move your body outdoors. Choose to join classes you have always wanted to try that are a part of Lakehouse’s weekly fitness schedule. Widen your perspective of what it means to “be active.” When you increase your options and try activities that may be out of your comfort zone, you will find ways to move that ignite your passion. Take advantage of our Wellness Center’s fitness lab and yoga & meditation studio, or get your heart rate up with a round of laps in our 70’ swimming pool. Join friends or your partner and engage in something they love to do. Mix it up and you won’t get bored — exercise in any form doesn’t need to be a chore.

Set intentions and visualize your day. Begin each day by setting an intention: what do you need from the day and how might you be of service? By honing in on this purposeful nature for the day and the future in general, you can visualize how you will positively tackle your to-do list and all that may come your way. Practicing these habits builds courage, creativity and purpose and helps reduce any hesitancy, anxiousness or negativity. As days and weeks go by, it is key to remember that you are in control of your life through your thoughts and actions; you can manage your inner critic and be prepared for any change. Things come up, life happens — but believe you are equipped with the tools to handle any situation.

Joyful Exploration. Fill each month with simple moments of curiosity. A change of scenery, no matter how big or small, re-engages your sense of adventure. Luckily, Lakehouse is situated both at the heart of urban excitement and just a stone’s throw from the magnificent Rocky Mountains. Try venturing to a new neighborhood within Denver to find a fun eatery or boutique, or hop in your car for a beautiful road trip to a nearby national park. Life is about the journey, so wherever you go, you will always see something new and novel if your eyes are open to it. Journal these experiences and memories and fill your spirit with a sense of gratitude.

Live it out in your unique way!