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Easy Hot Drink Recipes with Important Health Benefits

On chillier days, superfood wellness shots and smoothies just don’t have the same cozying effect as a warm spiced latte. Lucky for you, there are plenty of simple hot drink recipes with crucial health benefits that taste just as good as they make you feel. So swap out your morning coffee for one of these four cozy concoctions.

Honey Lemon Water

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Boil some hot water, add a hearty squeeze of lemon juice and a spoonful of honey to taste and there you have it—a refreshing form of hydration that eases congestion and soothes the throat. Lemon juice is a nourishing source of vitamin C and plant compounds that boost immunity, and honey is rife with antioxidants. This drink is great for calming colds, aiding digestion and simply warming up the body overall.


Golden Milk

Often referred to as a turmeric latte, golden milk is derived from a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal recipe, and can be prepared in a variety of ways. It’s base ingredients require two cups of milk (or dairy substitute of your choice), either two inches of sliced turmeric root (or two teaspoons of ground turmeric powder), ghee (or coconut oil) and a pinch of black pepper. These ingredients grant the milk antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-cariogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Optional ingredients include honey or maple syrup as a sweetening agent, half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon as an extra anti-inflammatory and sliced ginger for body-healing compounds.


Bone Broth

While the word “broth” may make you think of hearty dinnertime stews, it’s actually quite common these days to replace your morning cup of coffee with a warm mug of bone broth. The most savory drink on our list, bone broth is replete with collagen, gelatine, minerals and essential fatty acids, all of which help fortify your joints, skin, digestive system and overall body health. While many grocery stores sell bone broth ready-to-drink or as a concentrate, you can also prepare it at home in an instant pot. All you need are leftover meat bones, apple cider vinegar, vegetables and herbs of choice, and seasoning (bay leaves, salt, pepper). Put your instant pot on the broth, high pressure setting for two hours, then let the pressure release for the next half hour after that.


Green Tea

Healthy living rarely gets easier than regularly drinking green tea. You can opt for traditional green tea leaves or matcha powder of any kind and 90-degree boiling water for the perfect brew. You may add mint leaves to aid with indigestion, lemon slices for more vitamins or honey for antiseptic and antibacterial properties.