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Featured WELL Building Standard Element: Mind

The mind plays a vital role in an individual’s overall health and well-being. The WELL Building Standard recognizes the deep connection between a healthy mind and healthy body and has set forth best practices that encourage both. The Standard’s Mind element emphasizes beautiful architectural design, healthy sleep habits, stress reduction, altruism, biophilia and education.

To support the WELL Building Standard, NAVA Real Estate Development and wellness partner Realwell created Lakehouse to promote a healthier mind and body thoughtful design, infrastructure and programming that encourages healthy choices.

There are many spaces within Lakehouse and the surrounding neighborhood that have been programmed specifically to support a healthy mind through meditation, socialization and creativity.  Access to ongoing educational opportunities amplifies the benefits of these spaces and challenges residents to keep their minds sharp through exploration of the arts, technology, cooking and other activities.

Lakehouse strives to support individuals in reaching and maintaining a positive state of well-being through a variety of design and programming amenities, including:

Places of Reflection
Meditation can be a great way to reduce stress, which can have a huge effect on someone’s physical and emotional health. Quiet spaces have been incorporated throughout Lakehouse to facilitate and promote residents to begin, or continue, their practice. The meditation gardens feature verdant landscaping and ample areas to sit alone or with companions. The Yoga & Meditation Studio within the Wellness Center provides a semi-private space for residents to practice various methods of mindfulness whether it be yoga, meditation, Pilates or Tai Chi. Sloan’s Lake Park also provides a great place for Lakehouse residents to exercise, meditate, or participate in other outdoor activities that support a healthy mind while connecting to nature.

Social Interaction
Scientists have long noted an association between social relationships and health. Social connections not only give us pleasure, they also influence our long-term health in ways every bit as powerful as adequate sleep, a good diet and not smoking. Dozens of studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends and their community are happier, have fewer health problems and live longer.

Lakehouse was designed with socialization as an inherent aspect of the wellness infrastructure and programming. From the main lobby to the outdoor terrace, nearly every public space within Lakehouse features comfortable seating that invites one to spend time either alone or with a neighbor. The Resident Lounge was designed as a place to gather and interact. Collaborative kitchens and dining areas encourage community dining, while the indoor/outdoor fireplace acts as an impromptu meeting place perfect for an evening glass of wine and conversation. Join fellow Broncos fans in the media area for Sunday football games or reserve the Manhattan Beach Room for your book club. From cooking demonstrations to viewing parties, the Wellness Concierge will coordinate classes and events that provide ample opportunities for residents to engage.

First popularized by biologist and naturalist Edward O. Wilson, biophilia refers to the idea that humans possess an innate biological tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Wilson observes “…as we grow up we learn to distinguish life from the inanimate and as a result our spirit is woven and hope arises… So it is only natural that humans would possess an inborn predisposition to seek connections with nature, forming a love of live and the living world.”

Biophilia has been incorporated throughout Lakehouse:

Building Design: Lakehouse’s exterior architecture was designed with a cascading waterfall of glass that appears to flow into Sloan’s Lake. Design was intended to blend urban living with the natural beauty of the park and water.

Gardens: Lakehouse incorporates extensive landscaping throughout to create spaces that are immersive and calming. The Farm provides edible landscaping for residents to enjoy during community dinners, while lush greenery creates a private park setting that is nearly a city-block long.

Connection between indoors and outdoors: With its glass exterior, floor-to-ceiling windows throughout and the inclusion of Nanawalls in the community amenity spaces, Lakehouse naturally brings the outdoors in. Residents can enjoy serene views of Sloan’s Lake and the mountains from their private balconies and community terrace. Welcoming indoor and outdoor spaces flow together and invite residents to cook, eat and socialize together year-round.

Natural Materials: The building uses a neutral palette of wood, natural stones and steel-durable materials that are beautiful and sustainable. Organic patterns and finishes throughout invoke the outdoors and enhance the simple yet timeless design.

Art inspired by nature: Artwork throughout Lakehouse naturally took on a biophilic quality – with organic shapes and images that celebrate nature, light, water, animals and raw materials. Commissioned pieces made of limestone, granite and steel were inspired by the shape of Sloan’s Lake, river rocks and water.

Creative Spaces
According to the Cleveland Clinic, the average person has 60,000 thoughts per day and 95% of them are exactly the same, day in and day out. Immersing yourself in a creative activity produces an almost meditative state where your mind is so engrossed in what you’re doing that you temporarily forget all of your troubles and worries. This goal of finding calm, peace and happiness from within is similar to what people seek when practicing meditation, mindfulness or yoga.

Neuroscientists have studied many forms of creativity and have found that activities like cooking, drawing, photography, art, music, cake decorating and even doing crossword puzzles are beneficial to your health. When we are being creative, our brains release dopamine, which is a natural anti-depressant. Creative activities usually take concentration and lead to the feeling of a natural high.

There are many positive benefits creative expression has in maintaining wellness, whether through art, music, reading, writing, crafts, coloring, knitting, sewing, pottery, gardening or dancing. One of Lakehouse’s most unique amenities is the Creative Workshop. The space will be home to a multitude of materials and supplies that will allows for residents to engage in a variety of crafts. The space was curated through a partnership between Realwell and Nine Dot Arts, a local art consultancy who helped to select and commission artwork throughout the entire community.

The relationship between art and architecture is one that has fascinated designers and artists for centuries. Humans have an instinctual desire to decorate spaces and give them meaning. The WELL Building Standard states that the design of a physical space that aligns with an organization’s core cultural values can have a positive impact on the mood and morale of its employees. The same can be true of a residential community. The incorporation of beautiful elements into a space can help to promote joy, calm and a general sense of well-being for its occupants.

Pet-Friendly Environment
A small Swedish study found that female volunteers had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol 15 to 30 minutes after petting a dog. Participants who owned dogs had increased levels of the happy hormone oxytocin between one and five minutes later, and their heart rates were lower up to an hour later – but those without canines of their own didn’t get those same benefits. As if you needed another reason to love your furry friend! The health benefits of owning a pet are proven.

Pets encourage you to get outside and be active, provide a buffer against stress and make you less lonely. Pets also provide a pathway for human interaction in the form of dog parks and even simply bonding with someone over a shared love of your animals. Some of the health benefits of having a pet include: decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, and feelings of loneliness, and increased opportunities for exercise and socialization.

Lakehouse is proud to be a pet-friendly environment where residents can own the pets that bring them joy. We truly believe pets are beneficial to the well-being of our residents. Sloan’s Lake Park provides an ideal setting for walks and playtime. The pet spa is equipped with grooming items so your pets can stay fresh and clean, even after a long day at the park.

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