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Featured WELL Building Standard Element: Nourishment

Having access to healthy foods is one of our most basic human needs. Eating well directly translates to a more positive physical and mental well-being.

As one of the seven elements of the WELL Building Standard, nourishment promotes healthy eating through key factors including education on mindful eating, providing healthy food choices, responsible food production and safe food storage. Michael Roizen, New York Times best-selling author, Chief Wellness Officer of the Cleveland Clinic and global educator on diet and health notes, nutrition plays a key role in our physical and mental well-building throughout the day.

As individual dietary behaviors can be affected by a variety of social, economic, physiological and environmental factors, including where we live, WELL seeks to mitigate the presence of negative factors through strategic design and infrastructure. That’s why NAVA Real Estate Development took extensive measures to make sure Lakehouse Denver was designed with healthy nourishment in mind for future residents including:

Urban Farm
The Urban Farm has been a fundamental component in the design of Lakehouse since the community’s inception. The mission of the Farm is to promote healthy eating for Lakehouse residents by heightening their connection to food, growing food onsite and allowing residents access to education with an overall goal of enhancing the sense of community. The Farm will be professionally managed by Agriburbia, who will oversee planting and harvesting with the first planting expected to include cucumbers, squash, sage and more.

Harvest Room
The Harvest Room provides a designated space to wash, prepare and store food that has been harvested from the Urban Farm, as well as store additional goods procured from offsite sources. The space is located adjacent to the Urban Farm and conveniently near the indoor/outdoor kitchens.

Community Kitchens
Lakehouse was designed with indoor/ outdoor cooking and dining spaces to encourage community engagement and healthy eating. Located in the second floor Resident Lounge, the indoor collaborative kitchen features Jenn-Air appliances and several tables for communal dining. The indoor space is connected to an outdoor grilling and dining area overlooking the terrace and Urban Farm. The design incorporates a Nanawall – a retractable glass wall that maximizes thermal performance and space flexibility while providing visibility and a connection to the outdoors. The outdoor kitchen area has been designed with an overhanging roof to provide some protection from the elements for year-round enjoyment.

Fresh Juicing Station
Located within the community kitchen, the fresh juicing station is equipped with two commercial grade machines for juicing and smoothies. The space includes refrigerated and freezer drawers for food storage, a cleaning/prep-work area and filtered water. Lakehouse residents are welcome to bring down their own fresh produce for morning juices on-the-go.

Food Education
Educating residents on the benefits to healthy eating will be part of ongoing programming through the onsite Wellness Concierge. Community events like dinners, harvest days, wine tastings, plus trips to local farms to see where their food is coming from will all help to strengthen the connection to food.

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