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Live WELL at Lakehouse Year-Round

By:  Anna Stahl, Lakehouse Wellness Concierge 

As the seasons change, so do we. Regardless of the weather or the season of your personal journey, healthy options are in abundance year-round at Lakehouse.

From the calm cool of winter to the intense heat of summer, Lakehouse and Colorado as a whole offer a multitude of ways to maintain a healthy body and mind. Today we celebrate the first anniversary of welcoming our first residents and cannot help but reflect back on a year that challenged all of us like never before. As the world safely opens up and the Lakehouse community continues to grow, may we look forward with a renewed spirit and hope for the years to come. As the Lakehouse Wellness Concierge, here are my inspirations for the year ahead and ways to stay healthy at Lakehouse throughout the seasons.

As we skate through the winter months, getting a boost of vitamin D and fresh air while on a group walk (dog friendly!) around Sloan’s Lake, or finding movement through a sunrise yoga flow with neighbors in the waterfront studio, we can bring a sense of gratitude on the coldest of days.  Take advantage of a bluebird day and hit the slopes after a complimentary ski/snowboard tune-up by Boone Mountain Sports. Visit the Creative Workshop for supplies and sketch or paint the beauty of the snow-capped Front Range from the comfort of the lounge fireplace sofa. Learn the basics of holistic nutrition from a registered dietitian or participate in a technique-based cooking session led by our very own Chef Thomas. The more you understand the root of your own personal health and well-being, the more you are able to find the passions that drive your happiness.

One of the newest programs at Lakehouse is a Resident Book Share. Encouraged to contribute their favorite books to the library, residents will be able to learn and grow through one another’s favorite picks of the written word. Resident-driven book clubs are a wonderful way to formulate discussion and create a trusted community during the snowy winter months and beyond.

Maintaining our mental and physical well-being during winter helps to sustain us before heading into the excitement and warmth of spring. A community ride on the Lakehouse Beach Cruisers offers a variety of scenery as you meander around the lake and through the neighborhood before making a pit stop for lunch and shopping at the Edgewater Public Market. With some residents enjoying the year-round hot tub and others gathering around the fireplace, outdoor community ensues as breathtaking sunsets transition the days to nights. The anticipation of getting out on the water soon becomes a topic of conversation as the stand-up paddleboards and kayaks become primed and prepped for resident use by our partners at Confluence Kayaks. Watch the 26,000-square-foot terrace come back to life as the Urban Farm begins to sprout and the landscaping turns green again. As temperatures rise, indoor and outdoor activity begins to balance and residents are reignited with a joyful sense of why they chose to live at Lakehouse.

A summer state of mind invokes increased energy and a zest for longer days. Warmer weather means expanded opportunities to stay active outside. Strengthen your watersport skills at a Sloan’s Lake Picnic & Paddle event or by swimming laps and learning water aerobics in the 70-foot Lakehouse pool. Play outdoor lawn games, pool volleyball or grill a healthy meal for family and friends on the weekends. The community kitchen’s fresh juicing station is perfect for making protein-rich smoothies or antioxidant-infused juices with organic produce grown steps away in the Urban Farm. Get your hands dirty and assist our professional farming partners, Agriburbia, in picking the week’s harvest or cutting fresh flowers to beautify the common spaces and private residences. On the warm days, sip more water for hydration, stopping by the infused water station for the day’s variety, fortified with citrus, mint or other health-boosting herbs. Enjoy an evening guitar lesson or listen as neighbors play for you. Participate in an outdoor barre class for strength or an upbeat spin bike class for endurance, all while taking in the awe-inspiring views of the Front Range and Sloan’s Lake. A full bloom terrace landscape provides an outstanding backdrop for brief meditation, creative writing or an art and sculpture walk. Any way you enjoy the heat of the summer and the cool, calm nights with laughter and an appreciation for your inner strength and the environment around you, you’re doing WELL.

Fall back into routine and comfort with early autumn hiking excursions and leaf-peeping road trips around the foothills and through the mountains. Colorado’s world-famous fall foliage is sure to inspire your creativity and renew your soul. Outdoor adventure never felt so great with the intensity of the Colorado sun and the crisp air of cooler months approaching. Whether you enjoy mountain biking, kayaking downstream, rock climbing, fly fishing, or camping, finding a sense of peace in or beyond the city life assists in the prevention of inflammation, chronic disease, stress and depression through grounding. Spending time outdoors, eating freshly harvested root vegetables, steeping warm teas and connecting inward are Mother Nature’s assisted ways that allow the mind and body to release from the carefree days of summer to a richer and quieter lifestyle. Spirited football watch parties, garden-fresh herb drying classes, and elegant wine tastings are communal gathering opportunities that appeal to a wide spectrum of interests, encouraging residents to find like-minded individuals to explore passions. While the earthy fall season blends into the first frost or blanket of snow, a sense of holiday abounds. Hands-on floral design, wreath making or holiday gift-wrapping socials may spike some residents’ interest. Seasonal joy and community outreach is a way for Lakehouse to give back. As the year begins to wind down, we are grateful for the lessons each season has taught us. The cycle comes full circle and starts anew. Forming rituals in which health, both individual and unified, provides us with a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. This is the spirit of Lakehouse. Cheers to your well-being!

To learn more about the connected and healthy Lakehouse lifestyle that awaits, contact us at 303.974.HOME or to schedule a private in-person or virtual tour. Don’t forget to register online to join our interest list and stay up to date with the latest project news, events and neighborhood happenings. The Sales Center is open Wednesday – Sunday from 10am – 5pm, Monday – Tuesday from 12pm – 4pm and by appointment.