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Six Amenities That Make Living Well Easy at Lakehouse

Wellness isn’t merely an accessory or “check-the-box” feature at Lakehouse. It’s a way of life, deeply woven into the fabric of our community. As the very first project in Colorado to achieve Precertification under the science-backed WELL Building Standard, Lakehouse envisions a new means of living where wellness is integrated into every design feature and amenity in order to optimize the total health and well-being of residents. Wellness considerations range from integrated building technologies such as MERV-13 air filtration and sleep-aiding blackout shades, to Lakehouse’s location-based design that optimizes mountain and water views — all of which are shown to improve physiological and psychological health. Below, discover just a few ways in which your mind, body and soul are nurtured throughout the community. 

Photo: Anna Stahl, Wellness Concierge

1. Wellness Concierge

While many of our healthy amenities are built into the infrastructure of Lakehouse, among the greatest perks is our dedicated Wellness Concierge who gives each resident tailored recommendations and the ultimate toolkit to living well. Through customized programs, classes and long-term support, our Wellness Concierge Anna Stahl is equipped with over 10 years of experience as a Certified Health Coach. She’s here to help you live your best life while evolving everyday events and activities to suit the distinct needs and desires of the community as a whole. Trained with a degree Management and Marketing, in addition to a Masters in Health Science with an emphasis in Community Health Education, Stahl is your go-to liaison for any and all wellness questions.

2. 70-Foot Lakefront Lap Pool

When it comes to exercise, your average community pool just won’t cut it. Easy on the joints and beneficial for the body, swimming is one of the best full-body workouts out there. While you can personalize your strength training regime in our fitness lab, a session in the lap pool is an all-in-one activity that develops cardiovascular endurance, improves blood circulation and eases anxiety. And after your dip in the pool? Decompress and soak up serene lakefront views in our year-round hot tub.

3. Meditation Gardens

An age-old spiritual practice, meditation is also a proven method of relieving stress and all of its health-related symptoms. Among the lush, biophilic landscaping of our over 26,000 square foot terrace rests our mediation gardens — zen spots to spend some quality time with yourself and nature. Find your center among blooming plant life, fresh open air and the rhythmic lull of the lake beyond.

4. The Urban Farm

Nourishment of the body cannot be overlooked when it comes to health-forward living. Professionally managed and harvested by our partners at Agriburbia, Lakehouse’s onsite urban farm grows fresh organic vegetables and herbs that are washed and prepared for personal use, at our Chef’s table or at one of the fresh juicing station. Bringing farm-fresh nourishment directly to our residents is a key principle of the WELL Building Standard and among the most unique attributes of our waterfront community.

4. The Creative Workshop

Wellness of the body and mind is most certainly elevated by wellness of the soul. With a vast breadth of art supplies at your disposal, take some inspiration from our studio’s wall mural as you let your imagination run wild on your canvas. Our creative workshop is an inspiring space for multimedia creations and a proven way to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as boost immune system health.

6. The Wellness Center

Our full-suite wellness center has all of your training needs in one streamlined space. Hit our yoga and meditation studio for stretching, plyometrics and body weight training, and then take advantage of the adjoining cutting-edge fitness lab for cardio. The wellness center features state-of-the-art equipment by Matrix and Stages, as well as Three Sages Wellness programming – which Lakehouse is the first to have in Colorado. Equipped with an interactive touch screen and sound bar that delivers nature-inspired restorative content, our Big Sur wall from Three Sages is your smart companion for a holistic curative experience, offering short, targeted and interactive content known as “sips of wellness.”

The Lakehouse amenities have been carefully developed to support your healthiest living experience. Click here to learn more.

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