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Featured WELL Building Standard Element – Water

More than two-thirds of the human body is comprised of water and it is one of our most basic needs. Water transports nutrients and waste throughout the body, helps to regulate our body temperatures and shields precious body parts like our brains and spinal cords from shock. Access to clean water is essential to staying alive.

Water is not only essential to our health, but research has shown that our body and mind tend to have a personal and emotional relationship with water, also known as “Blue Mind” effect. It’s a state when our body and soul feel more relaxed when near water. From the tranquil sound of ocean waves to the stress-reducing beauty of a lake, living close to water can soothe our soul and reduce stress.

It is because of its profound effect on our physical and emotional health, that the WELL Building Standard recognizes water as one of its seven wellness concepts. Starting with its ideal location on Sloan’s Lake, the concept of water at Lakehouse is engrained into its brand, design and lifestyle.

Learn more about how water is promoted and celebrated at Lakehouse:

Sloan’s Lake
Lakehouse’s location on the south shore of Sloan’s Lake is unique in Denver and gives residents access to the beauty of the water right outside their front doors. Many of the homes features beautiful views of Sloan’s Lake and everyone can enjoy the water from the second floor terrace or with a relaxing walk or bike ride around the lake.

At 177 acres in size, Sloan’s Lake Park provides the ultimate backyard to exercise, meditate and socialize. Borrow a stand-up paddleboard from the Aquatics Room for a sunrise trip around the lake. Meet a neighbor on the brand new Sloan’s Lake Park path for a walk to dinner in Edgewater. From sunrise to sunset, Sloan’s Lake provides a connection to water that residents can enjoy year-round.

WELL Building Standard Water
The WELL Building Standard scores eight key components under its Water concept, including fundamental water quality, periodic water testing and the promotion of drinking water. While public drinking water from the City of Denver meets WELL Standards in terms of overall quality, additional infrastructure was implemented at Lakehouse to address the other requirements. The penthouses at Lakehouse include Sub-Zero refrigerators with built-in filtration systems and the residents will be advised on additional systems that can be added to kitchen, bathroom and shower faucets to improve water quality even more.

Hydration Promotion
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends that women consume approximately 2.7 liters (91 oz) and men 3.7 liters (125 oz) of water per day. Lakehouse has incorporated three hydration stations with filtered water throughout the building to encourage healthy water consumption. The hydration stations will be found in the Fitness Lab, Lobby near the elevators and second floor lounge at the top of the lobby staircase. Other beverages and juicing are great ways to meet your daily hydration goals. Residents will also have access to fresh coffee, infused spa-water and a professional-grade juicer and blender in the juicing station.

UV-Filtered Pool & Hot Tub
The 70-foot pool and hot tub are made healthier with a unique UV-filtration system that reduces exposure to undesirable chemicals.  The water in both the pool and hot tub will go through a 3-phase UV-filtration process.

Ultraviolet (UV) pool sanitizers utilize a cutting-edge, non-chemical process that uses germicidal UV light rays to sanitize water, air and surfaces that may be contaminated. Ultraviolet is considered the best available technology for swimming pool disinfection. Studies show that in chemical disinfection, 90% of the chemicals are used for oxidation, and 10% for sanitation. Ultraviolet does both.

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