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Neighborhood Spotlight: Club Pilates

Over the last few years, Pilates has become one of the top trending workouts across the country and we’re lucky enough to have such a great studio just a few blocks away from Lakehouse Denver in Edgewater!

Located off of Sheridan Boulevard and 20th Avenue, Club Pilates offers a wide range of low-impact, full-body workouts that challenge the body and mind. By using specialized equipment including a reformer, EXO-Chair, Bosu Ball, TRX Suspension Trainer, springboards and more, you can take one of seven signature class formats within four levels depending on your skill level.

According to, “Pilates has become synonymous with lean, toned bodies. But the benefits of Pilates go far beyond simple core strength and flexibility. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, regularly practicing this total-body workout can ease back pain, improve bone density and boost heart rate. These surprising benefits make Pilates an effective cross-training workout and a plateau-busting change to your regular weightlifting and cardio fitness routine.

This week, we sat down with Club Pilates owner, Jennifer Carlson, and general manager, Jennifer Sweeney, to get the inside scoop for future residents:

Why did you decide to open Club Pilates in Edgewater?

JC: With so much development happening in the area and most store fronts overlooking the beautiful Sloan’s Lake, you just can’t beat the location. I knew the area would eventually be up-and-coming and I wanted to get in while I still could. I also used to live off of Sheridan Boulevard and have gotten to know the other small business owners in Edgewater over the years. Being from a small town in Michigan myself, it’s been so great to see how the community has welcomed Club Pilates and we’ve been working together to help one another succeed.

With Lakehouse being designed with health and wellness in mind, how do you think classes at Club Pilates will benefit future Lakehouse residents?

JC: With Club Pilates located just a few blocks away from Lakehouse, it’s the perfect place for residents who are looking to switch up their fitness routine throughout the week. Pilates in general can benefit everyone no matter their age. As people grow to have more aches and pains from sitting at a desk all day, having high stress in their lives or just gracefully aging, studies have shown that Pilates can help you feel better, think better and help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. If you’re constantly on the go, Pilates can also help the mind slow down through various breath sequences and it’s also a great alternative to high-impact exercises like running and mountain biking.

How has the expansion and redevelopment in Edgewater and Sloan’s Lake benefited Club Pilates?

JC: When I first moved to Denver in 2001, Sloan’s Lake and Edgewater weren’t as popular as they are now. However, now with the SLOANS master-planned development attracting more high-end condominium and townhome communities and Edgewater redeveloping older establishments to bring a new community center, dining, shopping and retail to the area, both neighborhoods continue to garner awareness throughout Denver. This new-found awareness has definitely benefited us as we are able to expose Club Pilates to a new demographic that are looking to explore new parts of the city while still keeping health and wellness in mind. It’s been great for our business!

As a future resident yourself, why did you decide to buy and what are you most looking forward to about living at Lakehouse Denver?

JS: I chose to buy at Lakehouse because of the amazing location and the fact that I will be able to walk to work along the beautiful lake each day. With Lakehouse offering such gorgeous and unobstructed views of Sloan’s Lake and the surrounding Rocky Mountains plus the modern and WELL sensibility of the architecture and design of the building – I am so excited to be a part of this growing community and neighborhood!

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